Noah Marco, MD & Casey Ott, MD

Los Angeles Jewish Health (LAJH), formerly Los Angeles Jewish Home, offers the latest in senior living options and compassionate, innovative health care for the elder population. LAJH offers independent housing, short-term rehabilitation, skilled nursing, and end-of-life care through hospice services. Clients have the option of residing on one of the residential campuses or receiving services in the comfort of their own homes. Los Angeles Jewish Health is also home to the award-winning Brandman Centers for Senior Care PACE (Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly) program, where older adults receive all-inclusive Medicare and Medi-Cal benefits during the day before returning to their own homes.

Noah Marco, MD, chief medical officer, has been a practicing physician for 35 years and has worked with LAJH for almost 10 years. Casey Ott, MD, medical director of the Brandman Centers for Senior Care, has worked as a geriatrician and internist for 23 years.

In what ways does your work make patients’ lives easier?

We focus not just on making our patients’ lives easier but also fulfilled. We also focus on the lives of family members. We give families comfort by providing high-quality, compassionate care to their loved ones in a calm, nurturing environment. We aim to provide the right care at the right time, all of the time. 

How do you help clients improve healthy habits?

LAJH offers a comprehensive array of services and develops specific care plans based on the goals of each participant. We want clients to live a long, healthy and quality life. We discuss with them (and their support system) the proven methods that accomplish their goals—from healthy eating to the importance of exercising and engaging in the many social activities we offer. Dr. Ott tells those seeking to live a healthier life, “You are the captain of the ship, and I am your navigator.” This way they maintain control of their medical decision-making and become more engaged in the journey to becoming healthier.

What are the most important traits to succeed in your industry?

Too many health care providers focus on providing services in the most efficient and profitable manner possible and are stagnant in what they do. That has led to the growing dissatisfaction of those who receive health care as well as those who provide health care. For more than 100 years, LAJH has had one mission: to deliver excellence in senior care, rooted in Jewish values. We have evolved and will continue to strive to meet the ever-changing needs of each individual we serve.