Stephanie Wolff, PA-C 

Stephanie Wolff always wanted a career in medicine and has worked as a physician assistant since 2003. After relocating to California and working with a Glendale family practice, she realized her patients were continuing to suffer, taking too much medication and not improving their diet, exercise and hormones. She became certified in antiaging and peptide therapy and opened Novus Anti-Aging Center in 2016 to better help her patients become passionate and proactive about their health. The practice offers a variety of services, combining a modernized approach to Western medicine with complementary therapies while maintaining an emphasis on the body’s natural healing abilities. Treatments include hormone optimization, peptide therapy, PRP, stem cell exosome treatments, shockwave therapy and Morpheus8.

Why is alternative health care so popular?

People are sick and tired of being sick and tired. They want to be a part of their health care plan, making decisions based on what they know as well as what they feel. Western medicine is needed for certain situations, but it typically just reacts to the problem.

How does your work make patients’ lives easier?

My work brings back patients’ lives, joy in their jobs, enthusiasm with their children and, most of all, intimacy with their spouses. I get to see patients transform, and it’s exhilarating. With the changing landscape of medicine available to us, there is no reason not to strive for the best.

Tell us about your team.

We have grown this practice as a team and respect each other immensely. We are all looking to help each patient and will do everything possible to help them achieve their goals. There is no limit to this team, and I admire them.

What traits are important to succeed in health care?

Empathy, patience, listening skills and most of all treating each patient as if they were an extension of your family. I had a mentor once tell me, “If you treat each patient as if they were your mother, father, daughter, son or grandparent, you will never do wrong by them. They will know that you did your absolute best for them and their health.”

How do you maintain your energy?

I practice what I preach. I wake up early every morning and get my daily exercise in. I optimize my hormones, use peptide therapy and have quarterly stem cell exosome IV treatments. I eat a well-balanced diet and limit alcohol intake. I get eight hours of sleep each night and focus on a work-life balance.