Rob Diaz Design

Describe the featured project.

Two A-frames sit above a large center mass, giving way to upper-floor deck gardens. The sequential progression of spaces has been mindfully crafted using texture, light and the unexpected. The project goal was to use timeless materials—some old, mixed with a contemporary flair. Roof tiles were brought in from France and exterior stone from Belgium, while the clean Santa Barbara plaster walls give this a modern take on an old European home. Custom louvered garage doors, old bluestone farm sinks, custom entry gates and old oak shutters added to our vision.     



Many modern amenities were thought of with two kitchens. We included an outdoor soaking tub off the primary shower, a full guest house off the pool and a separate living room/den with a private courtyard. 

The home was built to age well with the use of 100-year-old tile on the roof, natural limestone hardscaping, copper gutters, Bokara stone walls and old oak wood accents around the exterior of the home. Passion, love of the craft and hard work are exemplified in this project. 

In what ways do you help a home reflect its setting? 

It always starts with the site location. This tells us what to highlight and where to privatize. Window and door schedules let us do this along with central building shapes and exterior walls. 

Tell us about your business.

Rob Diaz Design has been a custom home designer and builder in Studio City since 2009. We focus on custom home building and full design service. 

How do you add a sense of serenity to a backyard or garden?

I do not use concrete very often. Instead I use natural limestone, old sinks and troughs, fireplaces and accents to add a natural tone. Smooth gravel is nice, plus a lot of vegetation. 

What are your clients asking for most these days?

Service kitchens and private dens or separated living rooms. 

What unexpected features do you like to add to bathrooms? 

I love large skylights over showers, exterior gardens off bathrooms and outdoor tubs.

What considerations do you make for your clients’ pets? 

We will do anything for our furry friends. Mudrooms with stone floors and even low-lying pet showers can be done. 

What iconic California item should every house take advantage of? 

Light. It is sunny here, so find your sunlight angles. Also window and door treatments are a must, and Everhem is one of our go-tos.

Photographed by LA Light