Silk, A Medical Spa

Silk, A Medical Spa is a boutique medical spa offering customized treatments for both the face and body. Silk was envisioned by board-certified plastic surgeons Stephen Bresnick, MD, and George Sanders, MD, who have a combined 50 years of experience working in cosmetic surgery. The team at Silk includes spa coordinator Kimberly Beheshti; Jane Paavola, RN; Abel Navarro, RN; and medical aesthetician Lisa Arnold.

“We take pride in customizing services to meet our patients’ specific needs.”

Describe your business.

“Silk, A Medical Spa is a high-quality, boutique medical spa for patients who want to look their best utilizing the latest  technology and care options. Silk offers patients throughout Los Angeles an opportunity to have noninvasive procedures and care in a beautiful, safe, personal and caring facility. What makes us different is the wide range of services we offer, the quality of our staff and our ability to offer what our patients need and desire.

We take pride in customizing services to meet our patients’ specific needs. We have a wide array of offerings that are effective in slowing and reversing the aging process of the skin—allowing our patients to feel and look their best.”

Describe the atmosphere at your spa.

“When you step into Silk, the first thing you’ll notice is the stunning view. Once you’ve taken that in, you’ll feel the warm and inviting atmosphere. We offer 5-star service—stop by and see for yourself!”

What common conditions do you treat?

“We offer a comprehensive range of services to help our patients look their best. We treat both the face and body with rejuvenation services. For the face, we help with facial lines and wrinkles with Botox and fillers. We can help add volume to regions of the face that have lost volume with the passage of time.

We can also treat aging skin with skin resurfacing or microneedling treatments, which can offer wonderful benefits. Skin color irregularities can benefit from skin peels, IPL treatments and aesthetician services. For the body, we can treat minor loosening of the skin, unwanted hair growth and sun damage.”

Share a simple fix for appearing more refreshed and relaxed.

“Get eight hours of sleep and then drop by the spa the next day to get filler injections. It’s amazing what plumping up areas of wrinkles and depressions will do for one’s appearance!”