Sushi Sazanami

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    12918 Riverside Drive
    Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

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Sushi Sazanami opened its doors on April 13, 2017 under the ownership of Chef Mineo Koshino and partners Jayvee and Zinnia Regala.  Our restaurant has a simple menu allowing us to focus on quality sushi at reasonable prices.  Chef Mineo has a few creations on the menu that go back to his childhood exposure to traditional japanese cooking in his parents’ restaurant in Japan.  A few of his unique dishes include beef tongue stew, that brings you back to a traditional home stew that you would find in a japanese household, and inside out egg that is prepared with a nice sweet sauce topped with fresh slices of tuna sashimi.  Chef Haga, our other sushi chef, draws on his years of experience to create new dishes to add to the omakase on a weekly basis.  The environment is warm and welcoming, as our team focuses on excellent customer service.