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    All About Kids

For 75 years The Country School has served Los Angeles as a leader in progressive education, embracing personalized learning and overall student wellness. The school educates students from transition preschool through middle school, offering a project-based curriculum and a robust enrichment program that includes technology, musical arts, foreign language, drama, chess, yearbook, ceramics and stop motion.

Tell us about your holistic approach.

We offer an innovative educational approach that extends beyond conventional textbooks and exams. Personalized, relationship-centered education is a cornerstone of our culture and curriculum.

Describe some of The Country School’s notable achievements.

Each year our graduates are accepted to Los Angeles’ most competitive high school programs. For postsecondary school, our students have gone on to attend the best colleges and universities across the country, including top liberal arts schools. Above all, we are committed to helping our students find the right fit for them. We are proud to serve as founding members of The Southern California People of Color in Independent Schools as well as Private School Village. Both organizations foster greater diversity and belonging in independent schools.

What wellness programs do you offer?

For decades The Country School has sought to address the epidemic levels of stress and anxiety our society places on children. We have fostered an environment that “does right by kids” by prioritizing student wellness. We successfully eliminated homework for elementary students while enacting a “no cell phone” policy. Both have proven to reduce stress and buy more time for our kids to be kids. Additionally, we teach daily meditation and recentering practices so our children learn how to effectively handle anxiety, with the ultimate goal of cultivating independent and secure teenagers ready to take on the challenges of high school. 

Tell us about your athletics program.

We pride ourselves on a phenomenal athletics program that competes in the San Fernando Valley Private School League. We offer year-round athletics: boys flag football, basketball, volleyball and soccer and girls basketball, soccer and volleyball. Our girls soccer team recently completed their season, finishing undefeated at SoFi Stadium, home of the Los Angeles Rams.