The Dental Studio

The Dental Studio of Encino offers gentle dentistry for the entire family. Owner Dr. Tsolair Hovsepian earned her dental degree from UCLA School of Dentistry and has practiced dentistry at various Los Angeles offices for the past 14 years. She opened her own dental practice in June 2017. Dr. Hovsepian and her husband are the parents of two daughters, ages 11 and 8, and a son, age 5.

“The best thing you can do for yourself is to respect your body, and this includes your oral cavity!”

What are your top tips for patients to achieve optimal oral health?

“I think the best thing you can do for yourself is to respect your body, and this includes your oral cavity! Daily home care is the single most important feature in maintaining optimal oral health. It’s as simple as brushing and flossing every single day. I absolutely love electric toothbrushes—and now there are so many brands and styles to choose from that won’t break the bank! A healthy, well-balanced diet is also key to a wonderful smile.”

What steps do you take to help your patients feel at ease when they visit your office?

“I have designed my dental office with the anxiety-free dental experience in mind. The office is intimate yet light and airy with a modern touch. The vibe is friendly and fun, and we like to keep appointments easy and painless. Patients are treated one at a time and are never kept waiting.

I treat every one of my patients like friends and family, taking the time to explain treatment options, costs and answer all questions. I always listen to the patients and make sure their dental needs are addressed and taken care of in the most gentle way possible.”

How does your membership in professional organizations benefit your patients?

“Having been a member of the ADA and CDA for more than 15 years, as well as my local dental society, SFVDS, I am always informed and involved in the most current changes and trends in modern dentistry. The future of dentistry is geared toward restoring dental health in the most efficient and comfortable way possible. I believe that staying up-to-date on all of the current changes in the field of dentistry will help me take care of my patients in the best way possible, which includes using the best quality materials and gentlest techniques.”