The Wesley School

The Wesley School is a coeducational K–8 independent day school established in 1999. The school’s new mission statement is: “Within a community of belonging, we nurture joyful, confident learners to think critically, creatively and compassionately.”

Why do you believe in the K–8 school model? 

It provides a safe space for children to come of age at an appropriate pace, and a place where they can avoid some of the social pressures found in a secondary-school environment. Our middle schoolers have the opportunity to mentor younger peers and be leaders on campus. The well-rounded and exemplary academic program ensures that by the end of eighth grade, our children are ready to take on the best independent high schools in the Los Angeles area. They are more mature and better equipped to handle the rigors of their next educational chapters, thanks to the extra two years we give them to blossom and prepare. Wesley gives students a safe place to grow and develop while providing them the academic foundation to be successful in the next step of their academic journey.

Tell us about your new head of school.

Greg Armbrister will become our new head of school starting with the 2024–2025 academic year. Greg joined Wesley in 2022 as assistant head of school for academics and made an immediate impact on the entire community. He embodies the authenticity and humility that are cornerstones of Wesley culture. Greg has a love for the work and an abiding commitment to contribute meaningfully to Wesley’s evolution. 

In what ways do you celebrate diversity?

We believe our community is stronger and our program is more dynamic when we make diversity, equity and inclusivity central commitments of our school. They enrich the lives of all our school constituents and deepen student learning—helping children become more creative and collaborative problem-solvers, empathetic friends, engaged citizens and productive contributors to a global society. Twice a week, the entire school participates in morning community gatherings to strengthen our connection, learn lessons, tackle difficult questions and share experiences. During this time we celebrate our differences by learning from one another.