The Wesley School

The Wesley School is a coeducational independent day school in North Hollywood established in 1999. Today the school serves a diverse community of students in grades K–8.

What are The Wesley School’s goals for 2023?

For this school year, our theme is Joyful Moments. The joy of children interacting with their school and home adults, as well as the adults enjoying each other, is palpable. Even the campus holds renewed joy with consistent updates and refurbishments, and there are plenty of opportunities for parents to engage fully with their children’s joyful learning. 

Tell us about your school motto.

Our motto is Academic Excellence and Character Development Within the Circle of Family. The Wesley School builds confidence and encourages independence through a challenging academic program that stretches each student to reach the highest level of individual achievement within a supportive, nurturing environment. Wesley cultivates strong creative, physical and spiritual foundations to prepare students to be productive and respectful contributors to a global society.

How do you help your students feel at home?

On the Wesley campus, there is a feeling of collaborating and connecting. Students feel safe, nurtured and loved, and in turn they feel a sense of pride when reflecting on their school. To quote a Wesley student, “The size of the school and its overall community makes students feel like their family is right here with them throughout the school day.” They all know each other and love being a part of their bigger Wesley family.  

How do you encourage inclusivity and diversity?

We believe our community is stronger and our program is more dynamic when we make diversity, equity and inclusivity central commitments of our school. They enrich the lives of all our school constituents and deepen student learning—helping children become more creative and collaborative problem-solvers, empathetic friends, engaged citizens and productive contributors to a global society. 

Why do you believe in the K–8 school model? 

It provides a safe space for children to come of age at an appropriate pace, and a place where they can avoid some of the social pressures found in a secondary school environment. The well-rounded and exemplary academic program helps our children matriculate at the best independent high schools in the Los Angeles area. Wesley gives them a safe place to grow and develop while providing them the academic foundation to be very successful in the next step of their academic journey.