Acai North Hollywood

RioZonas Acai Brings Colorful Amazonian Fruit Bowls to NoHo

RioZonas Acai turned a tiny Studio City space into a hit and added a larger forum for their Amazonian fruit bowls in North Hollywood.

Valley temperatures have reached triple digits several times in the past month, leaving many of us looking for relief. For those interested in something a bit healthier than ice cream, RioZonas Açaí is a great option. In addition to the popular Studio City location, the açai bar has recently opened a larger North Hollywood outpost.

Açaí is a purple Amazonian berry that’s blended and frozen to a sorbet-like consistency. The slightly tart fruit’s sky-high in antioxidants, and RioZonas blends their açaí with bananas and strawberries to form a beautiful base for mix-and-match toppings. Options include crunchy granola, crushed walnuts, chia seeds and cacao nibs. I buried my açai bowl in an avalanche of shaved almonds, papaya, kiwi and mango, since I favor fresh fruit at açaí bars, but design your own adventure.

The North Hollywood location touts LED menus that mirrors Studio City offerings. In addition to açai, RioZonas also serves complimentary baked empanadas, Brazilian coffee and raw juices.

The large space at the base of a mixed-use NoHo building previously housed sushi burrito concept Bobarrito. Decor really plays up the Amazonian angle, with paintings, decorative parrots and jungle-like plant life. RioZonas encourages customers to get wild—but not too wild.

5233 Vineland Ave., North Hollywood, 818-747-2300