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    Linda Grasso

When Sandy Bedrosian worked as an LA prosecutor in the city’s domestic violence division, it wasn’t the trial work that got her fired up. The days she enjoyed most were the ones spent out in the field doing community service. A couple years ago, she left that job to raise children, but last year when ready to work again, she thought about her passion. “I knew that I wanted to do something that was hands-on. When I heard the mayor’s office was looking for someone in the Valley to do community outreach, I made the call.” 

That call ultimately led to Sandy’s hiring in January as the West Valley director for the mayor’s office. In her new position, the 31-year-old covers the territory from Studio City to Woodland Hills. “If there are issues people here care about, I need to know about them. My job is to be on top of what’s happening and communicate with the mayor so we can address and solve problems. He takes the Valley very seriously. He certainly cares as much  about the Valley  as he does about places like Beverly Hills or Santa Monica.”

Bedrosian, also the mayor’s official liaison to the Armenian community, is in the process of making priorities. At the top of her agenda: helping small businesses. “There are a lot of resources the city offers, like loans, that small business owners don’t know about.” She’s in the process of organizing a small business summit.  

She’s also focused on helping hungry families and teaching kids about nutrition. In one effort that addresses both, she’s working with Valley schools (public and private) to develop a canned food drive for the West Valley Food Pantry.  Students are asked to provide a healthy recipe with their donation. 

With a 3-year-old,  10-month-old twins and a clothes-manufacturing husband whose job frequently takes him abroad, Sandy’s life is something of a juggling act. She says she couldn’t do it without family. “I’m blessed with an amazing husband, parents, in-laws and siblings. If we didn’t help each other in our everyday lives, truly nothing would get accomplished.” 

Despite her lack of down time, Sandy believes it’s all worth it. “The best part of my job is being able to affect change and help people in need. Also, I love learning about the West Valley. It is truly an amazing part of LA.”