Skater’s Paradise

A mega skate park in Sun Valley gets ready to debut.

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    Stefan Slater

Los Angeles skaters will have a new spot to shred in the Valley. Construction of a 25,000-square-foot skate plaza called the Southeast Valley Skate Park is scheduled to open in time for summer. It will be the largest street-style park of its kind that the city is currently operating, according to Neil Drucker, program manager of LA’s Recreational & Cultural Facilities Program.

The $4.4 million facility, made possible by Proposition K funds, will feature shade canopies for skaters and sustainable landscaping. Beginner and expert skaters will enjoy a variety of transitional elements, as well as street skating fixtures such as stairs with rails, ledges, banks and ramps.

“The best thing about the park is that it’s designed to cater to all levels of skateboarding,” says Craig Raines, project coordinator with the Department of Recreation and Parks. “It has enough for the beginners to the grommets to the seasoned pros.” 

The city worked closely with locals to determine the layout of the park—a collaboration aimed at providing a safe environment for kids in the community. Two schools, in addition to a new park on the site of a former landfill, are located nearby. 

“A lot of them are skateboarders,” says Neil, referencing children who live near the park, “and in that area there are a lot of industrial and commercial-type uses—and not a lot of areas for kids to play safely, especially with things like skateboarding.” 

The park is easily accessible; it is located near a bus transit line and lies between the juncture of the 5 and 170 freeways. As part of the original ballot measure, the skate park is part of an ongoing process to add more public recreational facilities in the area. City officials also hope to build a roller hockey rink nearby.


Southeast Valley Skate Park

12505 W. Sheldon Street, Sun Valley
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