Spring Cleaning & Saving

‘Tis the season, but think before you toss! Melissa Arnold of Succor Estate Sales points out three frequently overlooked valuables.

1. Costume Jewelry

With no precious stones or gold, these pieces aren’t considered fine jewelry. Still, some have substantial value. 

“Break out the jewelers loupe or a magnifying glass and look for an insignia. If you spot one, do a quick online search to discover if you’ve hit the jackpot. Names to look for include Haskell, Cooke and Wiener. But even pieces that aren’t signed might be special.” 


2. Mid-Century Furniture & Accessories

It’s all the rage right now. Have a clear understanding of what something is worth before you sell. 

“A lot of these pieces have lost the original sticker or are unsigned, but if it is available, you can easily discover what pieces are worth online. Or you can simply head into a showroom or store and see if they can share information about your item. If you’re looking to sell, stay mum until you learn what your item is worth.”


3. Vintage Hardware

If you’re selling or buying an older home, keep a keen eye on the hardware and fixtures. 

“From a philosophical standpoint, I’m a huge advocate of keeping all original hardware and fixtures intact. And in most home sales, the buyer contractually owns these items. But if the new owners will be demolishing the structure, ask if you can add the fixtures and hardware to your estate sale. Saleable items include lighting, drawer pulls, banisters, sinks, toilets and bathtubs.


To be 100% sure you are selling items for a fair price, Melissa suggests consulting a certified appraiser.