Steak Woodland Hills

Steakology Grills Prime Beef for Less in Woodland Hills

The brothers behind The Carving Board bring Steakology to The Village in Woodland Hills, selling sizzling steak by the ounce.

For most of us, Prime steak is a splurge, but there is a new spot in the Valley where you can get top-notch cuts for a fraction of the cost. Steakology, a fast casual, pay-by-the-ounce steakhouse, has opened at The Village at Topanga.

“Get in and get out in 30 minutes, but still get the quality you’d find at a Prime steakhouse.” That, says Yovie Adir, is the goal of Steakology. He runs the new eatery (along with The Carving Board in Tarzana) with his brother David. With customers ordering at the counter and seating themselves, Yovie estimates steak costs ⅔ the price.

Steakology displays beef (and one type of fish) in a sushi-style case by the open kitchen. Staffers carve ribeye, Wagyu sirloin, New York, filet mignon and wild-caught ahi tuna to order. The minimum slice size ranges from 5 to 10 ounces, depending on the protein, to prevent overcooking. Meat is grilled over gas grates and served on a sizzling cast iron platter with butter.

“It’s just steak, salt and butter,” Yovie humbly explains. “It’s the Prime that makes it so good.” I can vouch for the velvety, fat-rimmed ribeye, which I actually preferred to the richer, firmer, more indulgent Wagyu.

The meat is plenty flavorful on its own, but Steakology does offer complementary sauces. Their “signature” sauce is a tangy, burnt orange slurry of red wine, apple cider vinegar, Worcestershire, mustard seed, thyme and celery seed. Yovie says, “Imagine A.1. steak sauce, but with good ingredients.”

Steakology also prides themselves on sides, listed under “Not Steak” on the menu. Mushrooms simmered with garlic, red onion, chives and thyme are one highlight. Baby fingerling potatoes tossed with tangy vinegar and Himalayan salt are another.

Yovie says that Westfield originally approached them about opening another branch of The Carving Board, but the space was too small so they pivoted to another concept they had in the works. Steakology has made the most of the setting, housing pale blue cushioned booths, wood tables and black-and-white tiles, with fun facts and charts on the wall. Soon Steakology hopes to add beer and wine as well as patio seating.

6320 Topanga Canyon Blvd., Woodland Hills, 818-630-9899

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