Sushi Studio City

Studio Sushi Opens Across from CBS Studio Center

A stone’s throw from CBS Studio Center, the new Studio Sushi offers creative rolls and decidedly straightforward nigiri.

A stone’s throw from CBS Studio Center, the new Studio Sushi offers creative rolls and—amidst a sea of rather fancy preparations—decidedly straightforward nigiri. Its blue crab and scallop roll is a standout item, studded with avocado, wrapped in soy paper, topped with seared sea scallops, creamy house-made ginger mayo and chives. The signature Studio roll is also noteworthy, combining spicy tuna, crispy shrimp tempura, crunchy cucumber, silky salmon, soy mustard dressing, fried garlic chips and truffle oil to take the roll over the top.

A checklist menu features sushi by the pair that typically tops out at $7. Studio Sushi caps five-piece sashimi orders at $14. This isn’t the place to find esoteric seafood from Japan. Sea urchin and salmon roe are about as “out there” as they get, which is fine. I ordered amberjack nigiri featuring leaner yellowtail brushed with soy sauce and served with dabs of piquant yuzu kosho.

The lunch menu caters to studio staffers with quick-service combos and specials—none more tempting than seven-piece nigiri sushi for $13.50 that pairs tuna, salmon, albacore, yellowtail, snapper, octopus and shrimp.

The ample space previously housed two Japanese restaurants. It looks plain from the outside but is fairly stylish inside, with a three-sided wooden sushi bar, equally geometric wood chandelier and cushioned banquettes. Josh Kang is the young chef-owner.

Studio Sushi makes no attempt to compete with nearby heavyweights like Asanebo and Katsu-Ya. It is more of a a reasonably priced neighborhood spot that will probably get a decent amount of love from showbiz types and locals.

4037 Radford Ave., Studio City, 818-760-0313