A parent’s guide to emojis in teen speak

A parent’s guide to emojis in teen speak

When we were kids being social meant spending hours on the phone or hanging out at the local mall. Love it or loathe it, today’s teens interact electronically with texts and “snaps.” That is how they meet, communicate, and assess social status. And forget about Facebook and Twitter. These days teenagers are hooked on Instagram and Snapchat.

In what appears to be a 50/50 split with words, emojis are a critical part of that communiqué. But the message does not always match the symbol. We queried some local teens to get the skinny on what 10 popular emojis really mean.Yellow face with heart eyes – I like you!





The moon emoji – That’s awkward!





The plug – He or she is my source i.e., that’s where I get my Nikes from






The ellipsis “thought” bubble – I’m thinking about you





The bashful see-no-evil monkey – Thanks. I really appreciate it!





The two eyes – What’s up? Or, you are on my radar





Crying with tears – I’m crying so hard I’m laughing





Ocean wave – That’s so cool in a “wave of the future” or futuristic way





The engagement ring – He or she is worthy of a ring





Winking face – I think you are cute