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L to R Above: Mark Geller, MD, Internal Medicine & Endocrinology  |  Jayvee Regala, MD, Pediatrics  |  Daniel Lewis, MD, Internal Medicine  |  Jody Levy, MD, Internal Medicine  |  Jeffrey Shukhman, DO, Internal Medicine  |  Not pictured: Mina Moussavian-Assadi, MD, Pediatrics & Hitasha Singh, MD, Rheumatology

The traditional health care experience has been turned on its head due to COVID-19. But that hasn’t kept the doctors of Facey Medical Group from finding ways to continue providing excellent care to patients. 

At their Tarzana clinic, which offers primary care, women’s health care and rheumatology services, 10 Facey physicians have built a community clinic dedicated to providing care for the whole family that’s as compassionate as it is convenient. From video-based visits and online education programs to enhanced safety and security measures, the group has adapted nearly every aspect of its services to ensure patients aren’t left behind.

“It’s been a very long time since we as a nation have had this kind of widespread health crisis,” says Facey internist and endocrinologist Mark Geller, MD. “Thanks to our affiliation with Providence, we’ve been able to grow stronger during a really stressful year. Everyone’s working together to keep patients healthy, and technology has played a huge role in that. Seeing patients over Zoom took a little getting used to, but it’s become an indispensable tool for us to make care safe and convenient. Even routine tasks like paying bills and checking in for appointments are easier now thanks to Providence’s patient portal, MyChart.”


L to R: Tina Verder, MD, OB-GYN | Dafna Trites, DO, OB-GYN | Diana Wong, MD, OB-GYN


Signs point to the future of health care becoming a hybrid of what we were used to before the pandemic. The new ways doctors care for patients are partly a result of lockdowns and stringent safety measures. While many will be happy to return to regularly seeing their doctor in an exam room whenever possible, telehealth isn’t going away anytime soon. For many, it’s become the preferred way to see their doctor. 

Dr. Geller is more than happy to see his patients however they wish to connect. “Getting the care you need when you need it—that’s the important thing,” he says. “We have a big, beautiful office in the heart of Tarzana, but your own living room can be a Facey clinic now too—and that’s a really cool thing.”

Facey Medical Group’s regional director Daniel Lewis, MD, also works at the Tarzana office and agrees with Dr. Geller. “The doctors at Facey have always done an amazing job of helping patients navigate the crazy maze that is health care,” says Dr. Lewis. “So much of that work is about communication with each other. We try to make that easy on our patients by keeping most of the specialists they need all in one house. Providence helps us coordinate that care for our patients quickly and easily. We can even prescribe educational and support tools in the exam room that patients can access in the comfort of their home.”

Mina Moussavian-Assadi, MD, joined Facey’s pediatrics team in Tarzana alongside Jayvee Regala, MD, five years ago—in part because the office created a private practice feel even though it’s aligned with a large health system. “The luxury of having lab and imaging services on-site combined with the Valley’s only pediatric ICU just down the street is hard to ignore,” she says. “I’m able to give my patients the attention they need and the quality we all want while keeping stress levels manageable for everyone. It’s a winning combination that any parent would appreciate.”

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