The New Order

Two dads, two kids, three dogs and one thriving business. For the Horn-Masterson family, it is a tried and true recipe.

Tucked away in the quiet foothills just south of the Boulevard you’ll find dynamic duo Bill Horn and Scout Masterson, skillfully combining work and family.

The couple share their spacious, ranch-style house with 6-year-old Simone, 2-year-old Bosley and Scout’s mom “granny nanny.” Mix in three rescued Chihuahuas and their busy home-based publicity firm, Marque Communications, and there’s never a dull moment.

“About a year ago we moved from Woodland Hills to our new place in Tarzana to get more space for our family and business. We wanted somewhere that our clients, celebrities and the media could come check out the brands we’re representing,” says Bill, who grew up in New Jersey.

In 2010 the guys started Marque, which means “brand” in French. The firm handles high-end baby products. The couple of 15 years didn’t always have babies and bottles on the brain. In the early years of their relationship, they were focused on traveling the world and building their careers. Bill was an executive at a big-name publicity firm and Scout was a film and TV casting director. Then their good friends began having babies.

“We’re very close with Tori Spelling, and when she started having kids, we spent a lot of time playing with them and caring for them,” Bill explains. In fact the two wound up appearing numerous times on the reality TV show Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. Tori lovingly referred to them as the “Guncles.” “Soon enough we started realizing that we wanted kids of our own and adoption seemed natural for us. There must be a child that’s meant to be with us and that we were meant to raise,” recounts Bill.

In the summer of 2010 Bill and Scout welcomed the birth of their daughter Simone and, from a professional standpoint, it changed everything.

“I left my career in casting because I didn’t want to miss out on raising Simone. So we reimagined our lives on our paternity leave,” shares Scout.

Bill quickly followed suit: “I went back to work for three months after she was born, but I knew after about two weeks it wasn’t working. I didn’t see the point of going through this arduous, emotional and expensive adoption process only to not see my child except for the weekends,” he says.

They decided to work from home, and with only one client it was scarily slow. “I don’t know how we survived,” Bill comments with a laugh. Seven years later Marque has grown into a flourishing large-scale boutique agency.

Despite their busy work schedules, the couple like to entertain friends and family.

“On the weekends we have ‘Sunday fun days.’ Bill barbecues, tons of kids are in the pool, chaos ensues, and we love it,” explains Scout.

Sure there are some crazy moments and it can be exhausting, but for the most part, nowadays the Horn-Masterson household runs like a fine- tuned engine. “I’m proud of the family we’ve created,” beams Scout.