Three Local Florists Suggest Artful Arrangements for Gifting a Guy

The masculine thank you.


Includes: Cymbidium orchids and phalaenopsis orchids; $300

“If femininity is characterized by softness, movement and dimensionality, the Prince Charming is masculine in its simplicity, boldness and sculptural quality. With neutral colors that symbolize reverence, humility, wealth and vitality, it’s sleek and unfussy.”

Carmela de Castro
Co-owner, Orchid Republic

Sunshine Superman

Includes: Lisianthus, delphinium, kale, kiwi branches, ranunculus, amaranthus, stock, agapanthus sprockets, thistle, seasonal grasses; $500

“This piece is visually interesting and strong. Masculinity exudes confidence, strength, and being comfortable in your own skin, and this arrangement offers that. It’s neutral enough to fit in any setting and offers a sense of luxury without feeling stuffy.”

Domonique Peskin
Owner, Domonique Rose

Sunset in

Includes: Red torch gingers, anteriums, Bombay dendrobium orchids, birds of paradise heliconia, stargazer lily, pink mink protea, berzillia palm and ti leaves; $200

“With large blossoms in bold colors, tropical flowers are robust. When a customer asks for a masculine arrangement, I always suggest a tropical vibe and something that has a strong structure and is impressive—like this arrangement.”

Nancy Hasson
Owner, Casa de Flores