Tour de Fork

A lifestyle destination in Calabasas for cyclists and more.

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    Stefan Slater

Designed with local foodies and cyclists in mind, Pedalers Fork in Calabasas is what owners Tim Rettele and Robbie Schaeffer call a “lifestyle” restaurant—an eatery that promotes exercise, healthy living and eating sustainable, locally sourced foods.
“The West Valley is underserved when it comes to dining,” says Robbie, a former downhill racer and dedicated cycling enthusiast. With Pedalers, Robbie wanted to open a restaurant that would bring high-quality food and craft beer to his hometown while also promoting an active lifestyle. “Cycling’s always been in my heart,” he shares, “but I’ve always wanted to open a restaurant.”
And that’s where co-owner Tim comes in: He spent the last 15 years working in the restaurant industry, and in recent years he’s been on a mission to create a restaurant that embodies the farm-to-table missive. “We try to offer people real food, not processed food—something that’s sustainable,” says Tim.
The result of their combined efforts, Pedalers Fork, is more than just a restaurant though. The unique hangout also boasts a specialty bike shop, coffee bar and ice bar where you can chill your drink.

10 Speed Coffee

This is 10 Speed’s first location outside their hometown of Hood River, Oregon. “Ethically sourced” coffee is roasted in-house in small batches. The house blend, Kickstand, has hints of chocolate and citrus. Customers can try several other blends sourced from around the world.


Tim and Robbie work with foragers to harvest local herbs and mushrooms. They get fresh meats and produce from local sources too, including Underwood Farms and Niman Ranch. Popular dishes include the smoked chicken flatbread,smoked pork loin and the grass-fed beef burger.


The drink menu is designed by Tell Demarest Liquid Assets (the same team behind the drinks at The Edison). There are more than 36 beers on tap and a stellar selection of rye and bourbon whiskeys. The wine cellar, assembled by sommelier Karen Moneymaker, boasts an impressive 1,300 bottles, some of which are sourced from local vineyards.


Moots Bike Shop

This is the first—and so far only—Moots boutique shop in the nation. The Colorado-based company builds every bike by hand using titanium, so the frames are ultra-light and durable. There’s also offers a full-service bike shop on-site. Moots hosts local bike rides for customers as well.

Pedalers Fork

23504 Calabasas Road, Calabasas, 818-225-8231,