Valley Beauty Experts Weigh in on the Most Popular Holiday Treatments

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Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Cohen says that CO2 laser treatments bring impressive results. The laser removes thin layers of skin with minimal damage, treating sun damage, wrinkles and scars. Dr. Cohen says the treatment works best when patients take care of their skin—that means sunscreen, skin care products free of toxins, healthy eating and lots of water. “Laser skin resurfacing with my CO2 laser makes every result amazing,” Dr. Cohen says. “It’s the latest addition to my Encino practice.”

At Bella Skin Institute in Calabasas (and Beverly Hills) cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Anna Guanche says her top recommendation right now is the GuancheLift, a face filler treatment that lifts the neck, lower face and jowls. The injection sites are behind the hairline and ear, and depending on the filler chosen, and the physician says the treatment lasts between 9 and 24 months. “There’s no downtime after this procedure,” Dr. Guanche shares. “I’ve had people do it, then walk the red carpet immediately. Your face is completely natural, with some fullness behind the hairline that is practically invisible.”

Plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Elliot Hirsch, who has a full-service med spa at his Sherman Oaks practice, says now that it is winter and there is less sunshine, advanced fluorescent therapy, or AFT, is an oft-requested treatment. “This treatment helps correct the effects of sun damage, diminish age spots, and correct overall skin tone, texture, discoloration, and even active acne,” he says. “Now is the perfect time to try this, since it is easier to stay out of the sun.”

For slipping into those body-hugging evening outfits, Dr. Gene Rubinstein suggests body contouring treatments like Coolsculpting, also known as fat freezing. At his practice, the Dermatology and Laser Centre in Studio City, the physician uses a device that cools a targeted area and is left in place for a designated time, destroying fat cells. “This is still the gold standard in noninvasive fat reduction, but now we can do it faster, and virtually pain-free,” says Dr. Rubinstein.

Dr. Sherly Soleiman says a highly requested treatment over the holidays is Emsculpt Neo, a noninvasive, body-contouring treatment that strengthens muscles or reduces fat cells in a targeted area. Patients at her practice, Cosmetic Injectables Center in Sherman Oaks, recline while a device is applied to a specific area of the body. While they may feel a little pressure, there is no pain. “Many people target the abs or buttock with this machine,” she explains. “It helps lift and firm the buttock. With abs, the machine helps to tighten and reduce fat in the abdominal region.”

Facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Michael Persky specializes in aging face surgery at his Encino practice, including the popular deep-plane face and neck lift. This rejuvenating procedure impacts the midface, jawline and neck area, and, according to the physician, a brow lift is a common accompaniment. “There is no evidence of a pulled or unnatural appearance with this technique, and it can dramatically improve a patient’s appearance and well-being.”