Vicious Dogs Combines Hot Dogs and Taquitos in NoHo

Dogitos are better than the sum of their parts—hot dogs and taquitos—at Vicious Dogs, the NoHo Arts District restaurant from William “Willy” Fedail.

The NoHo Arts District has been home to Vicious Dogs since October 2007, but don’t worry. These dogs won’t tear you limb from limb. Instead, William “Willy” Fedail specializes in a wide variety of hot dogs at his welcoming restaurant. Vicious Dogs has one sea-blue wall that reads, “Welcome Home!” and a logo of a pinup girl in a bathing suit holding a human-sized hot dog.

Yes, you can build your own hot dog, but trust in Willy’s creations. Vicious Dogs has hot dogs geared for “First Timers,” “Adventurous” diners or fire-eaters who prefer to “Spice It Up.” We went “Back For More” and opted for Dogitos ($7), a creative mash-up that combines the best aspects of hot dogs and taquitos.

Two Vienna beef hot dogs are wrapped in corn tortillas and deep-fried so both links get especially good snap. The duo’s served in a paper boat drizzled with sour cream and “plated” with chunky guacamole. Dogitos might not be as "vicious" as a bacon-wrapped hot dog with peanut butter, strawberry jelly and chocolate candy pieces—another option—but that's probably for the best.

5231 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, 818-707-5002

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