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A regenerative medical practice in Studio City is changing the way patients look and feel.

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The year was 2009, and physician assistant Stephanie Wolff was concerned with a trend she was noticing at work. Patients of the primary care practice were taking far too much medication and suffering frequent side effects—yet their health was not improving.

They were sluggish and fatigued, worn down and lacking self-confidence. Stephanie recognized that her patients needed a new approach to modern medicine. She wanted to help them find the root cause of their ailments and be proactively involved in their health care.

From the beginning of her career years earlier—when she worked in plastic surgery and dermatology—Stephanie was convinced that good health, physical appearance, longevity and feeling youthful were primarily internal issues. In many cases it wasn’t medication that was needed but instead education on how to live a better, fuller life.

“Western medicine is needed for certain situations, but it typically just reacts to the problem,” she points out. “There is a time and place for these medications to be utilized, but these patients needed someone to listen to them, guide them and offer a different solution.”

As she was analyzing these discrepancies in the medical industry, Stephanie was particularly inspired by her two young children to make a positive change. She aimed to set a good example for them by being present and active—including daily exercise, a balanced diet and good sleep.

“I am extremely passionate about my work and how I can help my patients achieve their goals.”

And then came her aha moment at work. Stephanie remembers, “The medical director actually told me, ‘We aren’t in the business of fixing people because if you fix them, they don’t come back.’”

Within months she left the practice and began the necessary steps to become certified in antiaging and peptide therapy. She opened Novus Anti-Aging Center in 2016 and gradually removed her patients’ medications whenever possible, working with them to improve their diet, exercise routine and hormone levels. 

“I look at myself more as a coach than as a provider,” she says. “Medicine has its place, but humans are not one-size-fits-all. It’s my job to guide a patient to maximize their greatest health potential.”

Stephanie and her team at Novus Anti-Aging Center design a customized plan for each patient, addressing conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, brain fog, fatigue and insomnia, decreased libido, menopause and erectile dysfunction. Their services combine Western medicine with complementary therapies while emphasizing the body’s natural healing abilities. 

They offer hormone optimization, platelet-rich plasma injections, peptide therapy, stem cell exosome treatments and Morpheus8 microneedling. Boasting a 90% success rate with erectile dysfunction patients, Novus’ low-intensity shockwave treatment became so popular and effective that Stephanie and her team created The Phoenix: a home-use therapy to improve sexual decline. 

Novus Anti-Aging Center has blossomed since Stephanie’s epiphany in 2009, and her kids are still an inspiration for her work. Son Austin is 26 and a business partner with her at Launch Medical, which sells The Phoenix. Daughter Ashley is 21 and works part time at Novus. 

The Novus team prioritizes a family atmosphere—where they know your name, your story and your progress. “I treat each patient as if they are an extension of my family,” Stephanie says. “I want them to know that the advice I give them is the same guidance I would give my brother, my mother or my children.”

If your medical needs are not being met, look no further than Novus Anti-Aging Center and join the regenerative medicine movement. 

Novus Anti-Aging Center

11650 Riverside Dr., Suite 11, Studio City  |  310-954-1450  |  thenovuscenter.com  |  @novus.centers
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