Wish Upon a Star

Finding their unique way in the real estate world, these visionary artists are chasing their dreams and relishing the ride.

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It takes moxie to decide to change your entire life and pivot to a new career and country. That’s exactly what real estate stars Peter and Cindy Lorimer did, and they never looked back. Their success has been off the charts, and 2022 is poised to be just as exciting as the past 17 years they have been in the business.

It all started back in the working-class town of Leeds in northern England—a tough, gritty city that wasn’t exactly a hub for the arts. At the tender age of 16, Peter knew his hometown couldn’t support his vision, so he headed to the bright lights of London to pursue a career in music.

“I had a thirst for ambition and big dreams that I wanted to chase,” he remembers. “I dropped out of high school, which ended up being the best thing I could’ve ever done.” 

In London, Peter became a successful music producer, working with some of the most prominent recording artists in the industry including David Bowie, George Michael, INXS, Christina Aguilera and Seal. His achievements included more than 30 Billboard club chart #1 hits.


Coming to America

In 2003, after spending 20 years in the music biz, he craved something new and set his sights on an even bigger goal: Los Angeles real estate. He began investing in L.A. properties and two years later joined Keller Williams Realty in Los Feliz as a newbie agent. It was his affinity for working with creative types coupled with his success in personal real estate investment deals that led him to this new career.

Peter approached his new venture like he did producing music: with gusto. It’s no wonder his professional role model is Richard Branson—a tireless tycoon who gives his all in every endeavor. “I admire him for his guts-to-glory attitude,” Peter shares. “His style is to always throw everything in—including the kitchen sink. He has been a massive influence on my life.”

Peter’s wife, Cindy, joined the team early on. A refugee from war-torn Vietnam, Cindy and her family were sent to California after living in a refugee camp. She became an accomplished businesswoman and thrived in her job with American Express. She left the position to partner with Peter, and he strongly credits that move for his successful career. 

“My business would have never seen this tremendous growth if it weren’t for my incredible wife,” he says proudly. “She excels in attending to the smallest details and providing the ultimate customer service throughout every step of each real estate transaction.” 

Soon Peter was recognized as the #1 agent at his brokerage three years in a row. In 2009 he earned the prestigious distinction as the top-producing Keller Williams agent for the entire Los Angeles region. 


Movin’ On Up

Ever on a quest for new business ventures, in 2010 the Lorimers launched a creative boutique brokerage, PLG Estates, in the heart of Beverly Hills to serve a who’s who of the entertainment world. True to Peter’s artistic nature, their clients have included some of the most well-known names in entertainment.

“The creative community of Los Angeles has been very kind to me over the years,” he says. “With music being my background, I found that my tribe remained the creatives once I joined the real estate industry.”

PLG Estates consisted of more than 200 handpicked agents who all danced to the beat of their own drum and strictly adhered to the firm’s “no-vanilla” policy—much to the pleasure of their discerning clients. After nearly a decade running their own agency, in 2020 Cindy and Peter partnered with Corcoran Global Living (CGL)—a real estate firm that evolved from The Corcoran Group in New York. Peter is CGL’s vice president of the Greater L.A. Area, and Cindy is the team leader. 

“The decision to join CGL was simple,” Cindy says. “We wanted to support our agents the best way possible, and when CGL approached us with what they had to offer, we realized the incredible opportunities, national network and tech support that were at our fingertips. CGL and The Corcoran Group have some of the best marketing in the industry.”


Living the Dream

Never one to blend in, Peter appreciates the opportunity CGL gives his team to continue with the best practices that have worked so well for them over the years. The firm respects and embraces his team’s culture while giving them the support that only a nationally backed brokerage can provide.

“I greatly admire the woman who started it all, Barbara Corcoran, because like her, I feel you have to be creative to be successful in this business,” Peter shares.

Cindy and Peter strive to make every client feel important. Whether first-time buyers or well-heeled celebrities, each is treated equally and given top-notch service. The team considers every seller and buyer their “North Star”—putting customers first and guiding each deal to maximize the benefits for the individuals they have the pleasure of serving. This approach has earned glowing client praise like “strategic geniuses” and “a pleasure from start to finish” and “the best in the business.”

The couple lives with their three children and three dogs in the hills off Mulholland. They are actively involved in supporting Carpenter Community Charter School, and as foodies they frequent favorite restaurants—or try new places—every weekend.

“I love how Studio City has a big-picture vibe with the L.A. glamour but is also more down-to-earth than some other parts of town,” says Peter. “It’s such an ideal location too, with an easy drive to WeHo, Hollywood Hills and Beverly Hills.”

Although they have reached extraordinary notoriety and success in their field, Peter and Cindy have never been ones to rest on their laurels—and 2022 won’t be any different. “Our goals are as lofty as they were when I was 16 years old,” Peter says. “I’m always chasing the unobtainable, and the beauty is in the journey. 2022 is going to be a shudderingly ambitious year as we strive to improve professionally and personally. I feel pretty confident we will. We always do!”

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