Worth the Drive

Westlake’s Giardino nabs culinary talent from Rome and Milan.

Finding Giardino, a haven for fine Italian dining, tucked away in sprawling Westlake Village presents a challenge to the average GPS. But a meal here is definitely worth the effort.

The Sauce paid a visit when Giardino opened in November 2014. Executive chef Tiziano Fioretti recently contacted us to let us know about some recent changes that make Giardino worth a second look.

First, Chef Tiziano joined Giardino within the past year. A native of Rome, Tiziano is executive chef and co-owner with Giorgio Pierangeli (Sherman Oaks’ OlivA, Brentwood’s Pecorino and Local Table in Newbury Park). Chef Gianluca Arioli, from Milan, joined the kitchen just two months ago.

New to the menu: Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe, in which the warm tonnarelli (homemade spaghetti) is plopped tableside into a hollow in a huge wheel of pecorino cheese imported from Rome. The pasta picks up the cheese and the plate gets a substantial dose of fresh black pepper. If it were possible to live inside a cheese, this should be the one.

Also new: Vitello ai Funghi, veal tenderloin with wild mushrooms baked eggplant and sauteed spinach. Whether testing a new item or enjoying old favorite, be sure to find your way to Giardino.

717 Lakefield Road, Westlake Village,  805-495-3469

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