Brad McDonald, Senior Partner & Architect

“Our passion is to create solutions that convince our clients they got more than they thought possible.”

3052 Hermosa Avenue in La Crescenta  |  818-279-8236  |

Reveal Studio creates high-end, award-winning, custom architecture, focusing on modern, sustainable design. Our team thinks all projects should make the client want to come inside to a safe refuge, a warm retreat, a resting place, a family hearth. Owner/architect Brad McDonald has 20 years experience in the fields of design and construction, with the bulk of his experience with Walt Disney Imagineering. He started Reveal Studio in 2003 and is this year’s president of the San Fernando Valley Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. 

What would you like potential clients to know about you? 

“I enjoy the creative process and the journey that my clients and I take. Every story is unique, as is the solution. I am the guy for that creative design based on a specific concept.”

What is the most popular home improvement trend your customers ask for?  

“First, with the shift in the economy, many of my clients (both residential and commercial) are leaning toward modular construction initially for the cost savings, but we are seeing a lot of positive results beyond just economics. Manufacturers deliver our custom designs faster, with higher quality and less expense than the equivalent site built project. These minimize impact to the hillside environment with very stable solutions. Second, my clients are planning how they will age in their house; accessible cabinet layouts, wider door widths and even elevators are being considered.  As for specific amenities, my clients commonly ask for media rooms and integrated communication systems. A new trend is for car lifts, to minimize the vehicle’s storage footprint and maximize living space.”

What is the biggest benefit your clients gain from seeing you for their home needs? 

“Whether we are remodeling or starting with vacant land, we like to begin with a clean slate: no preconceived notions beyond the needs and desires of the client. Our design solutions are outside the box with strong conceptual ties, and this helps our clients get `unstuck.’ While we are comfortable with the large, multi-million dollar commercial projects, our software and business model allow us to work on intimate design projects. Our focus is less on size and more on the challenge of the problem and its potential design solution.”