Complete Health Dentistry of Woodland Hills

Bruce F. Beard, DDS & Manny Fernandez, DDS

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What is a Complete Health Dentist?

“Your mouth is the gateway to your entire body. Viruses, bacteria and even disease can initially start in the mouth. A complete health dentist is trained at finding and helping prevent the spread of disease before it becomes a problem. At our office not only will you get a thorough mouth examination, but we will also check your heart rate, blood pressure, identify inflammation and scan for any early warning signs that may need to be communicated to your MD. Our patients’ overall health is our primary goal, which is why our motto is to “save lives, one smile at a time!”

Tell us about your tagline “Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body, Healthy Life.”

“There are many oral health conditions that have significant impact on your general health. For instance, gum disease is linked to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, pregnancy complications, Alzheimer’s and certain cancers. A thorough examination is mandatory to alert us to dangerous conditions such as: oral cancer, oral airway obstruction, sleep apnea, TMJ disorders, headaches, migraines, proper bite and dental decay. These connections between the mouth and the body emphasize the importance of good oral health and dental stability in assuring better overall general health.”

What is unique about your practice?

“We collaborate with the physicians of our patients via personal meetings, mini-seminars and reports to work closely on our mutual patients’ needs. We must all be invested in the understanding of the inflammatory pathway and how the science of the oral systemic associations impacts our patients’ lives.”

How do you ensure your patients’ comfort while they are at your office?  

“We offer music—headphones, sedation, warm towels, blankets and five-star service from a highly-educated and qualified office team.”

How do you give back to your community?  

“We offer community-public lectures on implants and complete dental health. We host showings of the Say Ahh documentary, support local charities, donate dentistry to the needy and help feed the homeless.”


Career Milestone

The goal of the doctors at Complete Health Dentistry of Woodland Hills is to change professional and public behaviors and address the importance of oral health as it relates to whole body health. Our mission is: “Making People Healthy One Smile at a Time.” Our vision is to make 9,000 people healthier by 2020.


Shared Tip

Our belief is that by making good oral health a priority, you can be better assured of a healthy mouth and of lowered risk factors for developing other general health problems. 


"Our professional goal is to save lives, one smile at a time.”


Practice Specialty

At Complete Health Dentistry of Woodland Hills, our doctors are health care leaders working to change professional and  public behaviors and address the importance of oral health as it relates to whole body health. They have equipped their office with advanced dental technology to save patients time and make their experience convenient and comfortable. Dr. Bruce Beard, Dr. Manny Fernandez and their long-term team members offer a complete range of dental services, as well as a free consultation for new patients.