Ice Cream Sherman Oaks

Crème de la Cream

Frozen salvation in Sherman Oaks

Labor Day is just a state of mind. Summer seemingly lasts forever in L.A., and Angelenos always need sweet, frozen salvation. In Sherman Oaks, Sonny’s Amazing Italian Ices & Cremes is your best bet—thanks to their unique crème ice.

When I called to check their hours, the person who answered said, “If Italian ice and ice cream had a baby, it would be crème ice.” Matt Hoch, the boyfriend of co-owner Sindy Habib, says they were inspired by Ralph’s Famous Italian Ices & Ice Cream, a third-generation chain that’s popular on Staten Island and Long Island. He swears  that Sonny’s crème is even creamier.

Crème ice is available in flavors like mint chip (our top pick), caramelized banana and Graham cracker crunch. Crème is available in a bowl, waffle cone, waffle bowl or literal ice cream sandwich on buttery French brioche bread.

Sindy and business partner Kelly Hall are both veterinarians. Thus the logo of Sindy’s late great black lab Sonny with a spoon in one paw and a bowl ice cream in the other paw, licking his lips. Clearly he would order crème ice.

On a red wall by shelves of candy and store T-shirts, a saying reads, “Without ice cream there would be darkness & chaos.” The owners probably aren’t far off with that statement.

15030 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks, 818-855-1587