evo advanced foot surgery

Ali Sadrieh, DPM & Jason Khadavi, DPM

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Off the Clock with the evodocs!  

It’s all about the feet … of course. We believe in the idea that you have to live it to give it, which is why we’re both constantly moving our bodies and staying athletic. Whether it’s hiking the Fryman Canyon or Griffith trails or running the coastline, using our wheels is what we focus on. Because if we’re going to give you better feet, we have to know what it means to have them and use them!

Practice Specialty

We love feet. That’s all we do. Back in 2003 we created a new speciality: aesthetic foot surgery. Our focus was simple—create procedures that provide our patients with functional and aesthetic correction. Both the evofoot bunion correction and hammertoe correction are solutions that correct functional deformities but have hidden incisions and internal fixation. Aesthetic foot surgery is an idea that has changed foot surgery … providing women (and men) solutions to foot problems while respecting the finished appearance and recovery experience. Think of it as surgery for the modern patient.

Career Milestone

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday … and Thursday! No, seriously! We feel like every day is a milestone. We wake up to the privilege of serving our patients, providing them with better mobility and freeing them from the limitations of shoe choices and activities. That happens every day at evofoot, so every day is a milestone for us!

“It’s all about the feet … of course.”


Please give a brief description of your practice.

“evo is the result of the relentless pursuit of excellence. We focus on the implementation of cutting-edge technologies and bring the latest innovations to our patients, regardless of the cost. We’ve always held a deep belief that ‘great medicine’ is what we’re supposed to do when we’re done with training. Providing a patient with an exceptional experience while doing that … that’s what drives us every day.”

Tell us about the staff at your practice.

“They’re the chosen few! Outstanding people who know how to treat other people. Their motto is: ‘Love what you do. Do what you love.’”

What trend is defining your specialty today?

“In 2007 we created a new term for the principle that we designed our practice around: PX. We borrowed it from software development, where the term ‘user experience’ is often referenced to as UX. Since we’re designers who are also doctors, we decided to create the world’s first practice that’s built around PX: the Patient Experience. Getting great care is important, but imagine great health care with an outstanding experience!”

How do you educate your clients to take good care of themselves?

“We’ve always respected the Q=1/v equation: Quality is inversely proportional to volume! Every patient needs personal attention to succeed in their surgical endeavor, and the only way to succeed at this is to spend time with our patients. We designed our entire practice around this very principle.”