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AOL’s Translogic host Bradley Hasemeyer on 5 cutting-edge travel toys














Brad’s show, Translogic, which focuses on cool transportation toys, can be seen on AOL and on the NBC Sports Network. He also writes for the men’s lifestyle website




Gibbs Sports Quadski

The answer to “Why can’t I drive my ATV into the water and cross the lake?” A pricey toy that allows you to reach speeds around 50 mph on land. After driving into a body of water, wheels retract and it becomes a jet ski. Powered by a BMW motorcycle engine, it has 175 horsepower.






Brammo Empulse R

It’s all-electric, so there isn’t a blistering engine to burn your legs or your (ahem!) manliness. Full torque off the line, and it looks bad-ass topping out at 105 mph. Some bikers may shoot you evil looks, but after beating them off the line at every red light, watch that expression change.






Goofy, yes, but this unicycle is portable, easy to use and extremely maneuverable—ideal for an urban setting. Fully charged, this electric transporter will go about 8.5 miles. It folds up in seconds, so it’s no hassle getting it into the trunk.








This toy makes you feel like Iron Man. Need we say more? With 80% of the water jet coming from under your feet, this thing is a hoot to fly and amazingly well balanced. It attaches to a jet ski, and in minutes you are bombing around the water. Enjoy the spotlight? You’ll need to hire a publicist to handle all the attention at the lake.









DTV Shredder

This three-in-one off-road extreme machine steers by leaning and speeds to 30 mph using the handle-mounted throttle. The tank treads and aggressive looks make it stand out in the crowded X Games market, but no need for a trailer—it easily folds up into the back of your SUV.