Get Wired

Gifts for that tech savvy person on your list.


For the Audiophile
Everyone’s ears are different. So why are earbuds one-size-fits-all? That’s why the custom, 3-D printed Earbuds from Normal are so cool—they’re custom-made to fit and stay on your two-of-a-kind ears. Download an app and follow instructions that help measure your ears through your phone’s camera. Sounds brilliant.


For the Insta-Obsessed
Perfect for the person who can’t resist posting a selfie every hour on the hour. Instagram Necklaces offer replicas of icons such as the “like” button—reminders (as if they need one) that it is time to share another photo with the world. The icons are made of laser-cut
acrylic—real-life validation to wear.


For the Sporty
Quantify your swing with the Zepp by strapping it to a golf club, baseball bat or tennis racquet—turning it into a Wi-Fi-enabled
gadget. The device analyzes your game and charts your
progress over time on the Zepp app.


For Fido
Gotta work a long day? Show your best friend some love with the iCPooch. This Wi-Fi-enabled dog-treat dispenser gives treats remotely. Just tap your iPhone or Android smartphone and out pops a snack. For the really dog-obsessed: Mount a tablet to the device for a
video-chat. Reserve judgment, people.


For the Phone-Addicted
Slip the Clutchette Power into a Celine shopper
or use it as a chic evening bag and eliminate
the horror of losing cell connection. This small, zippered purse, which comes in fun metallic shades, hides a rechargeable battery that can
revive a dead smartphone and still leave room
for keys and lip gloss. Works with Apple,
Android and Blackberry phones.


For the Foodie
A juicy rib eye, the perfect homemade peppermint candy or dark brew—it all rides on a good thermometer. Go from good to great with the Range Smart Thermometer, which monitors cooking and baking with professional-grade precision. Connects to an iPhone
and sounds an alert when food is ready.
$69 each for Ember and Aqua ranges,


For the Freeway Warrior
When it comes to freeway travel, we all want
quick and safe. That is where the Navdy comes
in. Navdy’s display technology projects texts,
maps and emails onto the windshield. Use hand motions and voice commands—no more looking down at your phone or fumbling
with buttons.
$299 (pre-order for early 2015 delivery),

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