Breakfast Sherman Oaks

Helluva Brunch

A Pacoima favorite comes to Sherman Oaks.

L.A.’s unique neighborhood restaurants can often feel out of reach. Since 2012, Myke’s Cafe has been a Pacoima favorite for creative brunch dishes like tamale “French toast,” red velvet pancakes slathered with cream cheese frosting, and a Bro Snicker burger with Snickers and bacon folded inside the patty. All of those dishes—and more than two dozen plates far less daring—are now available daily at the second Myke’s Cafe now open in Sherman Oaks.

Myke’s Cafe deftly blends hamburgers with pancakes and Mexican food, alternating over-the-top and traditional dishes. Huevos con mole is a major hit, with corn tortillas layered with pinto beans, eggs and house-made Oaxacan-style mole sweetened with cocoa powder and dressed with cotija cheese. Many customers also swear by their chilaquiles and breakfast torta with bacon, eggs, avocado, beans and chipotle mayo.

The name Myke’s is an amalgam of two girls in owner Ralph Andrade’s life: his daughter Mylisa and his ex-girlfriend’s daughter Kelsey. He teamed with nephew David, who helps run the restaurant’s business side. Their Sherman Oaks outpost is located next to Creme Caramel L.A. and combines sidewalk tables with a casual dining room sporting hot pink wallpaper. Order at the counter, next to the cold brew tower that Intelligentsia fuels.

Myke’s Cafe is serving a consolidated menu to start, but Ralph plans to add avocado toast, breakfast tostada and pineapple pancakes with orange Grand Marnier parfait.

14845 Burbank Blvd., Sherman Oaks, 818-946-8079