Home Goods Guru Heather Taylor Creates an Elegant Table

Gather round!

Heather Taylor Home SoHo Tablecloth

This tablecloth feels festive, but it’s still a neutral, making it a great backdrop for red and green accents. $258; heathertaylorhome.com


Heather Taylor Home Goldenrod Napkins

Marigold-colored napkins just feel seasonally bountiful. Great for year-round use too. $82 for set of four; heathertaylorhome.com


Garland Centerpiece

I like the idea of foraging what’s around, like citrus or tree cuttings, instead of a huge floral arrangement. This was put together by Hollyflora and includes crab apples, pomegranates, clementines and other seasonal fruits. Some are cut in half; others are peeled. hollyflora.com


Nickey Kehoe Astier de Villatte Adelaide Dinner Plate

People say food looks best on white plates and I agree. $100; nickeykehoe.com


Nickey Kehoe Glassware

These are water glasses, but I love using them for wine—or whatever. $16 each; nickeykehoe.com


Heather Taylor Home Beeswax Candles

I love the handcrafted feeling and subtle cream color of these candles. The drip adds to the charm. $12 for pair; Available at Heather Taylor Home Holiday PopUp Shop in Westwood Village.

Effortless is how one might describe Heather Taylor’s philosophy on entertaining. With her new home textiles brand, Heather Taylor Home, the designer lends her chic sense of style to handwoven goods, including tea towels, tablecloths and napkins—all of which, as Heather is quick to point out, can be used for special occasions or everyday.

“I love entertaining, but I’m also a working mom with two little girls. I can’t waste time being too fussy about anything,” admits Heather, who lives in the hills off Mulholland.

Here the perennial hostess shares with us some of her favorite items from her line—as well as some other goodies she likes to mix in for a smashing holiday table setting.


Get Creative with Glassware

Don’t feel like you have to load the table with glasses in traditional fashion. Interesting glassware can become conversation starters. I typically put one glass on the table and tell everyone to bring their wine glasses (or whatever they’re drinking) when it’s time to sit down. The last thing I want to do after a big dinner party is hand wash 50 wine glasses.


Push your Color Palette

Everything does not have to be red, white and green. For example, a black and white gingham works well for all of the holidays, as do other warm fall and winter colors like burgundy and marigold. Mix in gingham patterns with stripes—it all works.


Simplify Settings

On my tables it’s just a plate, napkin, fork and knife. Unless it is needed, I don’t set a spoon. It is part of my “less is more” approach. Plus I want to do fewer dishes!


Tap The tablecloth

A lot of people don’t like to use tablecloths because of the ironing, but for well-made, handwoven tablecloths (like the ones from my line) it is not necessary. For a really formal dinner, it’s a nice touch, but for everyday use there’s no need. The key is take them out of the dryer quickly and lay them flat to dry.