Louisville High School

22300 Mulholland Drive in Woodland Hills

Louisville High School, an all-girls, Catholic high school, encourages young women to grow in confidence, integrity and faith, and challenges each to bring “Christ to all and all to Christ.” Founded in 1960, Louisville has had more than 5,000 graduates. Extracurricular activities include a wide variety of clubs, sports and other opportunities for enrichment. Nearly two-thirds of Louisville’s faculty members hold advanced degrees, including two doctorate degrees. A full-time guidance advisor for each grade level and a dedicated college advisor ensure that each student is known on an individual basis. Support personnel, including IT staff, are adept at the most current and innovative methods of teaching young women.

“Louisville is working to build a world healed, unified and transformed.” 

What would you like kids and parents to know about your school?

“As a nationally recognized college preparatory school (a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence), Louisville offers numerous Advanced Placement and honors classes. What makes Louisville unique, however, is the ability to teach girls in the way they learn, developing their collaborative nature as they build confidence and become exceptional communicators and adaptable thinkers with high expectations for themselves.”

What are the most important skills for people who want to work successfully with youth? 

“We believe that focusing learning on the whole person is the most important skill one can bring to students. This effort is exemplified by taking students and their perspectives seriously.”

What are the biggest benefits of making the children of our community a priority?

“Our future-oriented approach recognizes that the world is constantly changing and affords all of us a chance to transform this world by shaping young hearts and minds.”

In what ways do you encourage parent involvement?

“By working in cooperation with parents, Louisville aims to help young women understand that they are in the process of realizing their potential. An active Parents Guild and Dads Club host numerous events throughout the school year and participate in all aspects of campus life.”

Does your school support charitable organizations that help children?

“Louisville High School requires that students participate in a Christian service program, encouraging lifelong service to the church and the community.”

What is your school’s motto?

“Ut Sint Unum—That All May Be One. Louisville is working to build a world healed, unified and transformed.”