Matthew & Jamie Bakal

He is the Harvard-educated corporate development executive with powerhouse Lionsgate Entertainment (Twilight films). She’s the Valley born-and-raised educational consultant (L.A. School Mates) known for her almost magical ability to match preschoolers with the perfect private school. We asked the power duo to list their simple pleasures.

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    Linda Grasso

Ever tempted to move on the other side of the hill?

M: Sure we thought about living on the Westside. The city has so much in terms of restaurants, shopping, bars, etc. That said, it seems that Sherman Oaks and Studio City are quickly becoming the new West Hollywood (with better accessibility to Target and Costco!)

Favorite weekend getaway?

M: We have spent many New Years at the St. Regis in Laguna, and we still visit annually. We got married there, and now we take our girls there.  
J: San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito. It is romantic, beautiful and the cottages provide an incredible amount of privacy. During the day we love to go wine tasting, then come back and have a delicious dinner by the fireplace.

Favorite dinner spot?

M: We really enjoy having dinner at the bar at Larsen’s. The food is delicious, and Derek, the bartender, has been serving us there for for years and treats us like family.
J: I love Black Market Liquor Bar. The food is delicious (I could eat the oysters all day long), it’s a fun scene, and their Mexican Firing Squad cocktail is the best around.

Favorite outdoor spot?

M: Woodbridge Park in Studio City is a family favorite outdoor spot. It is great for small kids and never seems to be overly crowded.
J: On Sundays we often go to the Studio City Farmers Market. We love buying fresh, organic fruits and vegetables and supporting the local vendors. Our girls also love all the kid activities there.

Favorite place to shop?

M: I love the Sherman Oaks Antique Mall. Jamie has found lots of great antiques for our home, and I love to roam the aisles looking for vintage barware and posters.
J: This may sound silly, but I really love our local Whole Foods on Sepulveda. It is really small, but they pack a lot into that store. And the staff is incredibly friendly. Most of the employees know my girls and me by name. It feels like small-town living every time I go (which is numerous times per week).