Front row seats for the rise of local singer-songwriter Nikki Lang.

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    Heather David

It often seems the fastest way for someone with talent to get to the top of today’s music charts is to become a pop princess or win the latest TV talent search. For Tarzana’s Nikki Lang, however, it’s all about commitment to the music. 

Sure, there was a chance at age 13, when she was approached by Disney as they searched for the next pop sensation. But instant fame and money didn’t hold much appeal. “I believe in my own music, and I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied doing anything less,” explains the passionate 20-year-old.  

Instead, the solo artist prefers playing in intimate venues where audiences can “truly appreciate” her talents. Her music is soulful and spare—a powerful voice accompanied by her subtle strums of an acoustic guitar. Her country/folk rock style brings to mind a sophisticated blend of Norah Jones and Taylor Swift.

 Nikki’s passion for music was sparked at the age of 6 when she took her first guitar lesson. “From the minute I touched the guitar, I realized I never wanted to put it down,” she says. The musician attended the prestigious Los Angeles County High School for the Arts and thrived—despite the nearly two hours of driving it took to get there. “Even though the commute was crazy, I knew no other place would offer such a supportive or creative environment,” she reflects.  

Sticking to her guns is starting to pay off. Nikki’s first single, “Feel Better,” caught the attention of Emmy-winning director Todd Robinson, who ended up shooting the music video. That video quickly became viral, attracting fans as far away as China. “It’s such an amazing feeling to hear from people around the world who tell me my music has made a difference in their life,” says Nikki. The gifted singer recently performed at the legendary Troubadour in Hollywood, and she’s currently collaborating on her first album with a high-profile producer.