Medic Brian Bentley shares how he stays in top physical condition

Medic and homegrown Valley boy, Brian Bentley, lives and breathes a lifestyle of fitness.


Growing up in Reseda, Brian Bentley says he was a “skinny kid.” But all that changed when he was 16 and his father, a fitness buff, “dragged” him to a local YMCA weight room. “After learning the basics, I moved my way through various facilities, trying different things, learning new methods and techniques. So my dad got me into it—then I took the ball and ran with it.”

For the past 15 years, Brian says he’s been obsessed with going to the gym. “If I don’t go every day, I don’t feel good psychologically. It’s not a matter of if I’m going to do it. I have to do it.”

At one point the 31-year-old even worked as an instructor at Pulse Fitness Studio in Sherman Oaks. “When it comes to being in good physical shape, he is the real deal,” says Pulse owner Mark Harari.

Brian currently works as a certified medic in the entertainment industry. That means spending long hours on the set of TV shows like Westworld and Silicon Valley. “You’d be surprised how often people get hurt,” he explains.

With three fitness-related degrees, including a master’s degree in sport and recreational science from Cal State Northridge, Brian aspires to be a LA firefighter. He has passed the necessary tests to qualify and is currently waiting for a job to become available.

Brian’s workout routine is CrossFit.

“I’m all about functional, dynamic movement.”

“While I’m not a paying member of a CrossFit box, I style my training in a way that implements fast-paced, full- body movements. It feels good, and I see the results.”

Though he likes “to go hard,” Brian isn’t rigid in his ways. “Sometimes it’s okay to take a bike ride and call it a job well done.”

His diet mirrors his workout; it is disciplined and deliberate. “I follow a clean regimen. Lots of protein and vegetables. I drink a lot of water—about a gallon a day. And I avoid dairy.“

Another thing Brian avoids: letting his passion for being in top physical shape prevent him from being social.

“I don’t restrict myself when I’m around mixed company. I don’t want to be the guy at the party who is afraid to have a drink or a piece of cake.”

Brian comes from an athletic family. In addition to his fit dad, (who is a hair stylist in Woodland Hills), his mother is a former professional dancer who currently owns the Anna Cheselka Dance Center in Studio City.

Brian says he too will be fitness-minded later in life. “I anticipate evolving my process to address aging. This will require me to make adjustments, but I’ll continue to push myself as hard as I am capable of pushing. It’s a simple mindset, and I haven’t diverted from it since day one: train every day. That will not change.

Brian’s Fitness & Health Regime

Workout routine
On most days, workouts generally occur in the early morning. Since time is usually an issue, I focus on resistance training for 40-60 minutes followed by 20 minutes of high-intensity cardio. With a shower, I can knock out a challenging routine in under an hour and a half.

Most days start with a pre-workout spoonful of almond butter, followed by five to six small meals interspersed throughout the day. This includes a healthy intake of protein—mostly chicken and fish—whole carbs, fruits and veggies, and sweet potato as well as brown rice (only eaten in the early hours of the day).

Guilty pleasures
They say everything in moderation, and I usually live by this—not trying to make a habit out of anything. But when I break away from my routine, I make it count. You have oatmeal raisin cookies? Great. I’ll eat the whole batch.

Ultimate fitness goal
It’s all about the journey, right? I believe I’m living my goal each and every day.