Queen of Clean

Award-winning local business keeps customers smiling and styling.

The Valley’s Steamer Cleaners has always been known by their customers as tops in the industry. Recently they received awards to prove it.

Offering dry cleaning, laundry and tailoring since 1987, husband-and-wife team Nicole and Shahrokh Basseri—with assistance from their fun-loving daughters, Ariana and Ilana—provide clients with environmentally safe garment solutions using top-of-the-line technology in an atmosphere that puts a smile on each client’s face.

“We are in the customer service business,” shares Ariana, who studied marketing and creative writing at Emerson College in Boston and works as a comedian, script consultant and writer. “Our goal is to make people happy and spread joy. Our employees are friendly, kind, knowledgeable and take a personal interest in our customers and their garments. We are a small privately run operation that is passionate about serving our community.”

“Thanks to CINET, I have a tangible trophy to contribute to my trophy wife status.”

These exceptional business efforts have caught the attention of CINET, a global network of textile experts that recently held its 2022 Global Best Practices Awards show in Milan, Italy. The organization awarded companies that demonstrate innovation and corporate social responsibility, with the winners determined by 18 jury members from 11 countries.

Steamer Cleaners ranked as the fourth-best dry cleaner internationally in the Retail Textile Cleaning category. “I’m here to flex on our recent awards we won in Milan, Italy,” Ariana shares. “After a rigorous competition taking into account our state-of-the-art machines, environmentally safe cleaning products and never-ending philanthropies, Steamer Cleaners now ranks as the fourth best dry cleaner in the world. The whole world!”

The Basseri Family

Ariana also won the Young Entrepreneur Award for the United States. “Thanks to CINET, I have a tangible trophy to contribute to my trophy wife status. I must take this moment to acknowledge Botox for my prize-winning youth. I took home this well-documented trophy thanks to making my dad/boss go viral on the World Wide Web.”

Another way the company recently claimed the spotlight is with its custom Steamer Cleaners shirts. Designed by artist Faye Orlove, the shirts were given away free of charge and have been sported by producers, musicians, movie stars and many Valley residents.

Asked to share a bit more about herself, Ariana—who grew up helping her parents with the business—responds: “I thought you’d never ask! My famous and successful husband, Rob Fee, and I have two ethically sourced Persian cats (and one unethically sourced Scottish Fold cat). When I’m not charming the laundered pants off our Steamer customers, I have a newsletter on Substack called Ariana’s Dirty Laundry. Get it? I’m very clever and fun. I credit the amount of freedom my gorgeous-perfect-talented parents give me to thrive.”

One of Ariana’s favorite tasks? Using her creativity to make Steamer Cleaners cool. “Honestly, that’s very impressive for a place that does laundry,” she laughs. “Thank you for reading, and I look forward to seeing your stains soon.”

Steamer Cleaners

13646 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks
818-906-2345  |  steamercleaners.com  |  IG: @steamercleaners
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