Rapport International Furniture

Peter Skaaning, owner
Marissa Diaz, Interior Designer

14755 Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks | 818-906-9697 | rapport@rapportusa.com | rapportusa.com

Tell us about the project above.

“This Surround Sofa is a modern-style piece designed especially for music lovers. It offers a multi-sensorial experience for absolute relaxation. The surround sound coming from the MP3 docking station—with the audio kit to connect to the home stereo system and remote control—is tucked into the barely visible corner section. The sofa divulges intricate details: the visible contrasting stitch, seams on the seats and back cushions, hand-adjustable calibrated headrests, padded edges for sitting comfort. The Surround Sofa comes as three- or two-seater and with or without the audio kit.”

What is special about your firm and the services you offer?

“Rapport specializes in contemporary furniture of all price tiers, and our designs and services are available to our customers without exceptions. When customers walk through our showrooms doors, they are greeted by a friendly, knowledgeable design associate who guides them in discovering the variety of styles, colors and textures that best suit their needs. Rapport is the source of inspiration for many of California’s most beautiful homes.”

When did you start your business in Sherman Oaks?

“Rapport International Furniture has been a landmark for contemporary furnishings fashion for 65 years. In July 2011, Peter Skaaning, who has worked in the industry for more than 15 years, bought this amazing business. In September 2012, Rapport Sherman Oaks opened its doors, and our goal is to have four locations in the Southern California area."

What is it about this industry that captivates you?

“The synergy of ordinary people who create extraordinary stuff with dazzling colors, breathtaking styles and limitless possibilities captivates the very essence of my existence.”