Reveal Studio, Inc.

Reveal Studio, Inc. specializes in architectural design and development with a modern vernacular.

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Reveal Studio, Inc. specializes in architectural design and development with a modern vernacular that occasionally includes historical detail, if it makes sense to the project. Owner Brad McDonald has been working in the industry for 25 years, including several years with Walt Disney Imagineering.

Tell us about this project.

“An extensive remodel. We started with a 900-square-foot shack, 500 square feet of which was illegal, so we tore that down to the base 400 square feet. We added a second story that brought the final house to 1,491 square feet with an open kitchen and living room, two bedrooms, two and one-half baths, an office and a two-car parking arbor. Stylistically we referenced the Santa Barbara California Romantica style that Diane Keaton’s book documented, and we gave it a modern twist. While many of the other houses in the neighborhood are nice, this house has that unique design quality that only an architect can deliver.”

What makes your firm unique in this industry?

“We are a hands-on design firm from concept to completion, shepherding the design through the process. We don’t do cookie-cutter. We really believe that the design needs to hold together, whether that is a specific story or concept. Carrying that thread throughout the design creates a final design that is complete, from the distant profile to the up-close detail. We spend a lot of time looking at materials and processes, with the intent of always bringing the best the market has to offer.”

Are you offering any special client promotions? 

“For the readers of Ventura Blvd magazine, we’re offering a one-hour free initial consultation. Call us today to schedule yours!”