Rose Lane Farms in North Hollywood is the Ultimate Destination for Creating A Fresh Bouquet.

Just point and they’ll cut ‘em right off the bush.

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    Heather David
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    Courtney Stapleton

An industrialized section of North Hollywood isn’t exactly a place of beauty. But tucked deep among the power lines and sprawling warehouses is a hidden jewel: a small plot of land that for more than 20 years has been the source of some of the most beautiful roses grown in SoCal.

Rose Lane Farms raises over 120 different types of roses from around the world. The fields are cultivated year-round, without machinery. Instead, each bush is watered and fertilized by hand.

Lynne Vinkovic is the owner, aka “Principal Curator.”

“I’m dedicated to the proper care of growing roses sustainably. I grow with pride, awareness and conscientiousness for the environment,” beams the Ohio native.

The farm uses only OMRI-rated (Organic Approved Soil and Fertilizer) products for disease and pest control. They also take special care not to harm the bees.

Rose Lane Farms is no secret to top wedding and event planners all over the region. They’ve been coming here for years, buying unique and rare varieties like the ombré taupe and lavender petals of Distant Drum and the deep fiery orange and chocolaty brown hues of Hot Cocoa.

“Here you’ll get uniformity, where every stem in your bunch is going to look the same in stage and form. Garden roses are very specific, and it takes time to process (the tedious chore of removing thorns and stems) and prepare them for events,” Lynne shares.

HARD TO BELIEVE | Koko Loko bud and blossom (right)

Customers can roam the fields and design their own bouquet or rely on Lynne’s expertise. Some come to buy; for others, it’s about the experience.

“Pop in with a cup of coffee on an early Saturday morning. As the sun hits the rose fields, the fragrance that wafts through the air is unbelievable.”

Rose Lane Farm
11740 Sherman Way, North Hollywood



A favorite of brides, this chocolate-hued variety, when mixed with lighter colors, surprises with pops of color.


Considered the darling of Instagram; deep butterscotch and coral bud that opens to a soft café latte.


Starts out in a pinkish, caramel color and then fades to a blushy, smoky, purple-pink.


A classic pink that is extremely hearty and one of the longest lasting cut roses available.


Cream, red and pink hues. One of the most fragrant varieties available.