Scott & Rana Caswell

Providence Tarzana Foundation.

For more than a decade, Providence Tarzana Foundation has supported Providence Cedars-Sinai Tarzana Medical Center through the development of charitable contributions and community engagement. The foundation is the sole philanthropic entity raising funds for the Tarzana Reimagined project, an expansion of the medical center.

Scott Caswell, a member of the Providence Tarzana Foundation board of directors, and his wife, Rana, are longtime residents of the Valley. Scott is a principal and commercial real estate advisor with Lee & Associates, and Rana is a licensed acupuncturist and health and life coach with a wellness practice in Encino. They enjoy playing tennis and pickleball, socializing with friends and spending time with their grown children.

Matthew Rinnert, chief philanthropy officer of the foundation, is grateful that Scott and Rana give of themselves to make Tarzana better. “I hold them up to others as an example to follow,” he says. “They are selfless and generous. They understand the work and the need to grow resources and are willing to put themselves out there. They are also incredibly warmhearted, caring, spiritual and wonderfully fun to be with.” 

We asked Rana and Scott to tell us about their philanthropic interest in Providence Cedars-Sinai Tarzana Medical Center and the Providence Tarzana Foundation.

How did you become interested in the foundation?

Scott: For a long time, we had been looking for something philanthropic that really resonated with us. We wanted to give back to the Valley, where the two of us have become successful and where we felt our contributions would go back to those in the Valley—something of a “pay it forward” concept. 

We were invited by Steve Fazio, a member of the Providence Tarzana Foundation board, to attend a Providence event where they spoke about the future construction of the new medical center and their aspirations for impacting the community. We realized we already knew several members of the board and hold all of them in high regard. 

We left the event knowing we planned to become part of the Providence Tarzana Foundation. We believe we can make a big impact not only through our involvement but by bringing others in to get involved philanthropically with the organization. 

Why did you decide to get involved? 

Rana: With so much gratitude for all that Providence has done for my family, I am thrilled that I have found an opportunity to give back in some way. I am passionate about health care and believe that all patients and their families should always be treated with care, understanding, empathy and professionalism. Providence embodies all these qualities.

My family has lived in Encino for close to two decades. My mother has been cared for at Providence Cedars-Sinai Tarzana Medical Center several times, and the hospital helped us navigate the final days of my father’s life. The nurses and doctors and entire team were amazing and went above and beyond. For this, I am forever grateful.

What is your hope for the future of Providence Cedars-Sinai Tarzana Medical Center?

Scott: We hope our community will see the medical center as a source of unparalleled service. For those who wish to be philanthropic, we hope they choose Providence Tarzana Foundation and gain as much pleasure from giving as we do. I sincerely believe our community could be a better place if more took the initiative to pay it forward. I assure you; it feels really good.  

What motivates you to get involved in nonprofit work? 

Rana: It is about giving without wanting anything in return, except the accomplishment of the goal to help make a difference. It is truly about giving to those who are in need, giving people hope and letting them know that there is kindness in the world. Kindness and giving should be an ongoing goal in life.

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