Southern Comfort

From slow-cooked to hickory-smoked, BBQ is a delicacy to be savored. Here, our judges put four pulled pork sandwiches in the Valley to the test, rating each one on a scale of 1 to 10.

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    Linda Grasso


Dr. Hogly Wogly’s Tyler Texas Barbeque

Van Nuys

This super lean, pork-packed sandwich, topped with tangy slaw, blew away our judges. It is slowly cooked in a wood-burning brick oven and then marinated in a “secret” sauce. You’ve got to work to get this baby though. The small, casual restaurant is located north of the Valley on Sepulveda, almost to Roscoe Boulevard.


Tiffany: I really enjoyed the texture: Crunchy pickle meets tender pork, combined with a little heat. 

Cliff: Very authentic, southern. With my first bite, it was a bit dry. But I put on some of the extra sauce they give you, and it was perfect.

Maira: Tangy sauce, and the pork had the perfect chew. Would have liked more interesting bun and more on slaw on top.

Score (10 is the highest): 8


Smoke City Market

Van Nuys

This sandwich, on a submarine roll, had the least attractive presentation, but when it came down to taste, that didn’t matter one bit. It comes with tiny tubs of vinegar and BBQ sauce that, when used liberally, put this nibble near the top. 


Tiffany: Despite the lackluster bun, I loved the heat on the back end and the fact that the flavor was quintessentially “porky.” A clean sandwich.

Cliff:  It is almost like a French dip BBQ sandwich. The flavor and spices were perfect. 

Maira: I loved the crunchier meat doused with vinegar. Don’t love the hot-dog look and needed more slaw.

Score:  7.5


Boneyard Bistro

Sherman Oaks

This sandwich has a glistening, generous bun that wowed our judges and was piled high with meat. For some, this entree would be a meal for two. 

$15 (comes with side dish)

Tiffany: The pork has a nice smokiness to it, but it is a bit fatty—not necessarily a bad thing but needs more spice to give it some complexity. 

Cliff: To me this one smelled and looked the best. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! Loved the fresh taste of the smoky, marbled pork.

Maira: I also loved the bun, but I didn’t care for the consistency of the meat. The pork needs more crunch. It was a bit mushy. And sauce needs more spice. 

Score: 6.5



Studio City

An attractive, hefty package: 1/3 pound of pork smothered in “East Coast North Carolina BBQ sauce,” topped with coleslaw and crispy onions. For some, this sandwich would enough for two people.

$13 (comes with side dish)

Tiffany: The pork has a nice texture, but it was a tad too sweet for my liking; the sauce needed more “kick.” If I ordered it again, I’d get a side of spicy beans.

Cliff: Great, fresh bun looked beautiful and was flavorful, but the sauce was a bit too sweet to me.

Maira: An impressive looking sandwich. Needs more zing though—spices or hot sauce could be added in. 

Score: 6


The Judges

Tiffany Shinn

Food editor, Ventura Blvd magazine

Cliff Katab

Logistics executive, Performance Team

Maira Suro

Encino mom extraordiaire