The Spine and Orthopaedic Institute

Michael Abdulian, MD

Michael Abdulian, MD | The Spine and Orthopaedic Institute
Glendale Adventist Medical Center | 1500 E. Chevy Chase Dr., Suite 401B | Glendale | 818-863-444 |

Services Offered

• Sports medicine: shoulder, hip & knee arthroscopy, sports injuries
• Joint replacement: anterior hip replacement, total knee & total shoulder replacements, robotic partial knee replacements
• Orthopaedic trauma & fracture surgery
• Arthritis treatment: surgical and non- 
surgical options for arthritis including PRP injections

“My practice has flourished and
 is thriving due to recommendations from prior patients and word-of-mouth.”


Tell us about your practice.
“I started practice in 2013. It is a large, multi-specialty practice that provides comprehensive musculoskeletal care from head to toe. There are 12 doctors covering the entire spectrum of orthopaedics. The office staff is superb, kind and patient. We refer patients to each other within the group and constantly communicate and collaborate to provide the best comprehensive care for our patients.”

To what do you attribute the growth of your practice?
“My practice has flourished and is thriving due 
to recommendations from prior patients and word-of-mouth. I try to provide an overall positive experience for each patient. I take ample time
 to listen to their needs and work with them to figure out the solution to their problem. If it is a problem outside of my scope of practice, I always try to connect them with the appropriate doctor to best address their individual needs. It is the experience and relationship that we develop with our patients that keeps them coming back and referring me to their family and friends.”

What quality is important when it comes to caring for patients?
“An important quality of a good physician
is taking the time to listen to your patients. Oftentimes the physician-patient interaction is rushed, and small details can be missed. These details can have a significant influence on the treatment path for that specific patient. I strive to listen to my patients and work with them to devise a treatment strategy for their needs.”

How do you educate clients to take good care of themselves?
“Listen to your body. I try to educate patients on being aware and mindful of what their body is telling them. Proper warmup before activity and appropriate rest after to allow the body to recover and heal are essential. Injury prevention and rehabilitation are important parts of my treatment algorithm.”

Good Times
Outside work, I enjoy spending time with my family. In the summer we love to take walks along Ventura Boulevard and stop at one of the local ice cream spots. We frequent the farmers market on Sunday mornings.

Area of Expertise
I specialize in sports medicine and injuries of the shoulder, hip and knee. I focus on minimally invasive arthroscopic techniques for joint preservation. I take a conservative approach and tailor each patient’s treatment plan based on the type of injury and their lifestyle. When surgery is necessary, I utilize new, precise and innovative techniques such as robotic joint replacement and surgical approaches that get people up and moving the same day of surgery.

Memorable Moment
Marrying the love of my life!

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