Stanley Silver

A rising local artist on his technique and taste for subtleties.

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It came as no surprise to friends and family when Stanley Silver decided to make art his vocation. His parents and grandparents were ardent collectors. “Growing up, I just always remember being surrounded by art,” he says. Plus, Silver loved to draw. “I’d bring home artwork from school, and my parents would say, ‘That’s amazing.’ But all parents say that, right?” 

True confirmation came later while Silver was attending the University of Arizona and got a couple of pieces commissioned by the Dodgers. “I was really excited, because it combined two of my passions—painting and sports.” At the time, I thought this was totally do-able. Of course, I had no idea of the ups and downs of an artist,” he says.

Luckily for Silver, there have been more ups than downs. In fact, once complete, oil paintings rarely stick around his Sherman Oaks home, where he lives with his wife, Karen, and two kids. Ranging from $5,000 to $20,000, his creations are done mostly by commission. Thanks to great word-of-mouth and a little help from Karen, Silver’s works have become a favorite with Hollywood collectors. And as art imitates life, his paintings were featured in numerous scenes in this past season of Entourage. “It’s been a wonderful ride so far. I still love waking up with ideas and creating.”

Silver’s technique is a gradual, almost methodical process. He typically begins with the main figures, followed by multiple paint layers and, finally, the finishing touches. “My work is filled with nuances and subtleties; the more you look, the more you see.” For example, in his “Abbey Road” piece, a painting depicting the Beatles, take a closer look and you’ll discover small details: a white dove, peace signs, and the word Liverpool etched in the paint.

While his “Icon” series put Silver on the map, today he is more focused on endeavors like using paint to emulate the flow of water (his “Drip” series) and creating pieces with shadows. Indeed, Silver is an artist who’s emerged from the shadows of the art world. He has clearly arrived.  

 Entourage castmates in front of one of the artist’s pieces featured in the show