The Buckley School

3900 Stansbury Avenue in Sherman Oaks

The Buckley School is a K–12 college preparatory school located in a quiet, 18-acre canyon in Sherman Oaks. A small school by design, Buckley ensures that each child is challenged, known, and supported at the deepest level. Founded in 1933, Buckley opened its current location on Stansbury Avenue in 1965. Serving more than 800 students, Buckley is very active in the community and is one of the largest employers in Sherman Oaks.

“Young people really like when you hold high standards for them, and we do for all of our students.”

What would you like kids and parents to know about your school?

“Our new Mathematics and Science Building opened this year, and our interdisciplinary S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering and math) program is quite distinctive in Los Angeles. Our five new science labs have incredible technology that has energized student learning and increased collaboration in the classroom. Our curriculum is expanding as well—including new classes in aerospace engineering and molecular genetics. But this isn’t at the expense of the arts, athletics or other programs; last year we opened an Academic and Performing Arts Building.”

How does having lower, middle and upper school on one campus impact your program?  

“While we offer distinct, developmentally appropriate programs for each division, having a K–12 program on a single campus is an important component of our educational philosophy. It adds continuity in curriculum and student support, and provides tremendous opportunities for students of different ages to learn from each other. It also allows our lower and middle grades to have access to fantastic resources and equipment that is typically only available in upper grades.”

What do kids love most about your school?

“Their teachers! And also the opportunity to participate in so many and varied activities through our curriculum, athletics and our extra-curricular programs, which is possible because of our size. Being removed from the city around us creates a safe, quiet setting where students can really focus on being students.”

What sets your school apart from the rest?

“Our intentionally small size and unique educational philosophy combine to create a deeply supportive learning environment that empowers both rigorous academics and joy in learning. We also emphasize character development through special programs as well as our daily interactions. Young people really like when you hold high standards for them, and we do for all of our students.”