The Space Healer

As Anna Rose explains it, she does for homes what doctors do for bodies.

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As Anna Rose explains it, she does for homes what doctors do for bodies. From fixer-uppers to state-of-the-art houses that simply need tweaking, Anna makes “house calls” to prescribe ways to make homes not just more functional but happier and ultimately healthier.

In addition to bringing in craftsmen to renovate homes, your firm ( offers something more basic called “fluffing.” What is that?

Fluffing is when I re-design a home using existing furniture, artwork and accessories. I’ll also often bring new pillows to add color. “Fluff” basically refers to reviving tired spaces.

What makes a “healthy” room?

A room that’s highly functional and makes you feel good.

I understand you can “feel” the energy of a space. Can you explain how?

I’m very sensitive to energy and people and can read their homes and lives very quickly. I like to think of myself as a “house whisperer.”

How can objects in a space alter that energy?

Objects carry energy through our memories—some may be good, and some may be bad. Every time we look at those objects, it  can potentially bring up those memories.

How did you become a “space healer?”

I designed and staged for years, but it felt empty because I knew I could do more than just place furniture. I believe the energy we live in affects our lives. We can create a better life for ourselves, and it starts with our home.

Do you incorporate feng shui?

I absolutely use feng shui, mostly in terms of the balance of objects and the flow of energy in the room.

We tend to have more space in the Valley.Does that make your job easier?

Yes, because a lot of what I do is de-clutter. We all collect so much stuff we don’t need or use. The first thing I do on a job is help clients decide what they can live without.