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Traditional pain treatments for acute pain include epidurals, medications, trigger point injections and steroid joint injections. We perform these treatments inside our office when patients need immediate pain relief. These procedures, although effective for acute pain relief, do not heal or solve the underlying problem. In fact, if repeated too often, they may be harmful to the body. We also offer homeopathic pain procedures—a natural steroid alternative. 

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Great news! The “Generation of Regeneration” has arrived. Regenerate means to restore. I now have the ability to heal and restore patients’ damaged cartilage, torn meniscus, tendons and ligaments non-surgically in my office. Prolotherapy and platelet rich plasma injection therapies are designed to stimulate the patient’s immune system to heal damaged structures without the significant risks associated with surgeries, medications or traditional invasive procedures. These regenerative injections are designed to heal in addition to provide pain relief.


DNA Micronutrient Testing. Healing, vitality and pain relief start with the correct foundation and balance of nutrients, minerals and hormones. Pain, accident, injury, aging, medications, stress and chronic illness can rob our bodies of necessary nutrients. Correcting micronutrient deficiencies not only slows aging and degenerative disease progression but can help prevent injury and repair the body. Since no two people are the same, we offer this genetic-based nutritional test.

“I am thrilled when I enhance patients’ lives using healthy treatments. We are in the medical renovation business!”


What is unique about your style and technique? 

“Blending traditional medical approaches with natural healing options, we offer personalized medicine and customized programs. We use all our tools at our disposal to get patients better. These tools span from traditional treatments such as epidurals and joint injections to regenerative prolotherapy and platelet rich plasma injection therapies. After a thorough medical evaluation, DNA testing is performed to see if your cells possess vital nutrients for healing. If medications are required, DNA testing is available to determine the best medication for your body. I heal injured tissues and treat arthritis using patient’s cells in the office. I am also onsite and available to patients as they rehabilitate in our medical gym with our trainer.”

What is most rewarding about your work?

“Colleagues often refer patients who have been suffering with pain for many years. People come to me desiring alternatives to medications, surgeries or other treatments. They believe they have tried everything until they visit my office. It is most rewarding to not only provide pain relief but solve the problem and heal.”

How do you assist your patients in navigating the health insurance industry?

“We remind patients that our medical recommendations are based on what will get them better, not limited to what their insurance will cover. For this reason, we offer transparent, affordable cash prices. Our programs are perfectly suited for Medicare patients. Private insurance is less predictable, so we encourage patients to avoid contracts that require pre-authorization before we can treat them.”

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