The D’s Super Blends food truck showcases healthy Peruvian cuisine

By now most of us are keen to the fact that gourmet fare can come out of a food truck—and D’s Super Blends is one of them.

Sometimes D’s Super Blends food truck is parked at Universal, serving the cast and crew on The Mindy Project (actress Mindy Kaling apparently is a fan). Other times it is there for The Voice or parked on truck row on Valleyheart Drive in Studio City, feeding the lunch crowds. Wherever it parks, people are lining up to buy inventive fare like bee pollen-infused smoothies, perfectly crisp kale chips and ridiculously sweet and chewy dried Maui Gold Hawaiian pineapple.

The truck is the brainchild of 33-year-old Diana Lazarte, who insists she is not a chef. “I have never been interested in being a chef. I have a great love of food,” the Sherman Oaks resident explains.

Her menu is comprised of mostly healthy snacks, juices and smoothies. But it also includes incredibly flavorful versions of dried fruits, nut mixes, organic beef jerky, kale chip acai bowls, beet salad, and asparagus and fennel salad.

Local, organic ingredients are used and there are no refined cane sugars or additives.

Running a food truck was not Diana’s original plan. After doing the New York City rat race thing and working in business for six years, the Queens native got “burned out.” She enjoyed making healthy smoothies and snacks and saw an opportunity. “People kept telling me, ‘Your kale chips are so great! They taste homemade, but better.’ That made me laugh so hard.”

Looking for a way to become her own boss, Diana started researching. She visited local smoothie shops, followed blogs and podcasts, and read business books. “I just fully invested myself into every aspect of health. Then I tailored the ingredients into a smoothie that tastes amazing.”

All smoothies contain a superfood, which adheres to Diana’s general philosophy that “When you feed your body nutrient-packed foods, you don’t crash and overeat or feel tired. Your body is nourished and energized—ready to tackle anything.”

One of her most popular smoothies is the Bee-Berry Energizer, which has local, live bee pollen, aimed at reducing allergies and strengthening the immune system. The big juice seller is the Emerald Cleanser, which has low sugar content and is made with fennel and kale. She refers to fennel as her star ingredient, saying, “I love the flavor. It kind of tastes like licorice but brings a nice balance to the drink without having to add so much fruit.” Fennel has other attributes; it is packed with potassium, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

Diana’s mom is Peruvian and she still has family in Peru. Diana visited there as a child. “I was always so surprised by the different fruits and ingredients used there. Peruvian cuisine is so complex. My favorite ice cream is lucuma and I’ve only had it in Peru. I now use lucuma powder in my acai bowls. I use other ingredients as well, including maca and Peruvian cacao.”

Diana, who plowed her life savings into buying the truck, says she loves what she does but admits managing a food truck has its challenges. “We have run out of generator fuel, all our blenders have failed at once for 15 minutes, with 100 people waiting. Keeping a calm smile and cracking some jokes goes a long way,” she chuckles.

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