Use a Bold Stroke of Color to Transform a Space

Fuchsia fixation, indeed.

When Jennifer Grey ( got hired to redo the Studio City living room of an actress and a writer, she knew, from a creative standpoint, that it would be an extraordinary experience. “I’d worked for this couple before and they are quintessential creatives. The woman in particular loves to push boundaries and have fun.” At their first meeting, Jennifer showed the woman a swatch of fuchsia fabric by Jonathan Adler and asked if she’d consider it for window treatments. “Jonathan Adler is known for his cheeky, fun approach to décor, and the fabric just has a lot of pop to it. Immediately her eyes lit up and so that fabric became our starting point.” 

Jennifer opted for floor-to-ceiling curtains on two windows and a Roman shade with an outside mount on the third. “It is just more interesting from a visual standpoint,” Jennifer says of her decision to incorporate the Roman shade. “To have three windows with the very same treatment would feel kind of boring.”

The bright color palette was rounded out with rich hues of navy and teal velvet on the custom-made sofa and chairs and a pop of yellow with accessories. “In my opinion, bringing in just that small bit of yellow was key. All the blue tones really needed to be broken up.” Wall paint was kept neutral with Muslin by Dunn-Edwards and trim in Simply White by Benjamin Moore.

The finishing touch was the wool chevron rug which, at first glance, gave the couple reason to pause. “This was one of those situations where the rug needed to be bold enough to stand up to the fuchsia drapes. I asked them to trust me—and they did. We all ended up loving that rug. It brings the design all together. ”